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Blogging 102: Blog Search Engines « Social Media University, Global (SMUG)

Blogging 102: Blog Search Engines
Social Media University, Global (SMUG)

Blogs are great tools for news and conversations. So how do you find out what people are saying in blogs, so you can join the discussion?

Social Media Will Change Your Business

Social Media Will Change Your Business

It's time for a frank talk. And no, it can't wait.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Principled Innovation LLC » Web 2.0 as a generative force

Web 2.0 as a generative force

In the Web 2.0 world, the terms of debate about participation and engagement in associations are different, and the locus of control over that conversation increasingly resides outside of our organizations. The idea that some leaders fear this shifting context is not an imaginary condition.

We Have Always Done It That Way » Six principles for designing an architecture of participation

Six principles for designing an architecture of participation

To reinvent eroding membership-centric business models, association leaders will need to answer a fundamental question: What is the strategic relationship between membership and participation?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Social Media Metrics and Measurement

Tracking the Influence of Conversations:
A Roundtable Discussion on Social Media Metrics and Measurement

By Jeremiah Owyang,
Matt Toll, Dow Jones

Web Strategy: What the Web Strategist should know about Facebook

What the Web Strategist should know about Facebook

From Jeremiah Owyang

If you’re responsible for the direction of your online strategies for your company or organization, you’ve probably been asked by your colleagues to take a look at a social network. If you’re new to the Facebook phenomenon, this will serve as a guide for you to get started, link to resources to help, and provide an overview as a web decision maker.

[Facebook is an identity, community, and application platform that provides the web strategist many opportunities to connect with online communities]

The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base - Inside CRM

The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base - Inside CRM
If you're thinking of tapping into the Facebook crowd for some high-profile advertising, take a look at this list of 100 tools and tips that will help you maximize all of the applications and opportunities that Facebook has to offer.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Social Media 104: Intro to Social Networking

Social Media 104: Intro to Social Networking

Initial Findings of New Influencer Study Shared at SNCR Research Symposium

December 6, 2007

As more companies adopt social media, they struggle to find effective metrics for deciding who are the most influential players. This is among the initial findings of the SNCR's latest research study, “New Media, New Influencers and Implications for the PR Profession, which was presented today at the Society for New Communications Research Symposium in Boston, MA.

A survey was developed and targeted to the "power users" of social media. Nearly 300 PR, corporate and marketing communications professionals who are very experienced in social media participated in the survey, which focused on how influence patterns are changing and how communications professionals are addressing those changes. In addition, several case studies have been collected.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that social media tools are becoming more valuable to their activities as more customers and influencers use them. Twenty-seven percent reported that social media is a core element of their communications strategy. Only three percent stated that social media has little or no value to their communications initiatives. Respondents believe that social media is most effective for the following sectors: arts, entertainment and recreation; communications; computer hardware and education.

“Blogs, podcasts, and social networks are changing the way we think about media and influence,” said Jen McClure, executive director of the Society.

“We wanted to learn what criteria communications professionals use to define new influencers; how social media is being used to communicate with these influentials; and how to measure the effects of such efforts. The ultimate goal of the study is to offer a set of recommendations to the PR profession.”

Respondents reported that the most effective tools for their social media initiatives are currently:
  • Blogs
  • Online video
  • Social networks
The top three criteria for determining the relevance and potential influence of a blogger or podcaster are:
  • Quality of content on the blog or podcast
  • Relevance of content to the company or brand
  • Search engine rankings

Surprising to the researchers was the fact that criteria that measured online engagement for blogs and podcasts were among the least important to the respondents.

However, for online communities and social networks, the top three criteria for evaluating influence do reflect the importance of online engagement:
  • Participation level
  • Frequency of posting by the community member
  • Name recognition of the individual
Fifty-one percent of respondents are formally measuring the effects of their social media initiatives. The metrics they value most are enhancement of relationships with key audiences, enhancement of reputation, customer awareness of program and comments/posts relevant to organization/products. Close to the bottom of the list was traditional media coverage.

Detailed results of the study will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of New Communications Research and a full report will be made available via the Society and the Institute for Public Relations in early 2008.

15 Fundamental Truths About Social Media Marketing

By Glenn Allsopp

In September 2007, I was offered the role of 'Social Media Manager' at a company in Cape Town, South Africa, which I took without much hesitation. I knew my job would focus on the 'general' projects such as proposals, running campaigns, and devising social strategies for clients who had something they wanted to generate a buzz about online. Little did I know I would be training up the other team members completely from scratch on the subject, but I can confidently say it was the most enjoyable part of the job. Here are 15 of the most important things about social media marketing I taught to those completely new to the approach.

50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on - Inside CRM

50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on - Inside CRM

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Get Me Jamie Notter: The Myth of Control

The Myth of Control

Why do association execs fear what Web 2.0 tools bring?

See also, Jeff De Cagna's post and Maddie Grant's.


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