Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ben Tells All About Ning

Ning’s a pretty robust social networking site. The biggest draw to me is that it combines a lot of what other sites already have into one front page. It’s very easy to use, doesn’t take any programming skill to set up a basic site but is customizable enough to make it at the very least a good extension to any project you have. Network creators have the ability to add blogging, forum, photo, group and text modules along with other fancy widgets or third party applets. The source code is also available to anyone who requests it so you can make serious programmatic changes, but the basic template is outstanding.

They also have a premium service that allows you to register a domain and have it routed to that site, in essence using it as a page building component.

I’m actually not sure why this site isn’t as well known as other comparable social networks. It seems more powerful and more customizable. My only complaint is their front page is very simple and it takes a while for you to get into the meat of the product, but it’s worth the effort.

Ben Rollman
Network Administrator

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