Friday, May 2, 2008

Twitter: A Case Study on Social Media Relations

Twitter: A Case Study on Social Media Relations at Emergence Media

Twitter - the mobile-based microblogging service - has become the new darling among social media marketers and internet geeks since the SXSW conference in 2007. Lacking any kind of monetization model, Twitter seems a trendy but not sustainable company, like PointCast in the 1990s.

Maybe Twitter wont be around to see 2010, yet many major brands have moved in to communicate with consumers and the world via Twitter: H&R Block (Finance), 10 Downing Street (The UK equivalent of US “White House”), Zappos (Online Retailer) and countless others like BBC News to Yahoo’s Marketing Team and to the New York LaGuardia airport.

Is this wasted energy by the PR/Marketing offices of H&R Block or even US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s social media team?

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