Monday, June 16, 2008

Scoopville: Social Media in Plain English and a Cool Video

Thanks to the cool folks at Commoncraft for pujtting together this cool video that explains, quite simply, all about social media and why it works.

This video focuses on basics of social media: new technology that makes everyone a producer and tools that give everyone a chance to have a say.


home said...

very good cool vedio to know about social media marketing..

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das said...

Since moving to Hamilton and starting a new job I’ve been getting the “So.. What is it you do exactly?” question quite a bit. Put simply, I participate in online conversations… Broken down to its core, social media is that simple.I’ve read some very long winded explanations, watched some videos and read a few books, but it all boils down to the conversation. A lot of people reference tools that are used, but the tools simply enable us to participate and they are constantly changing and evolving.

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