Saturday, August 16, 2008

Association Social Technologies Survey Report

Executive Summary

A real good look at where associations of all sizes and types are today in use of social technologies, from Ben Martin, Lindy Dreyer, Jeff De Cagna.

How many associations have adopted social technologies?
Social technologies are still in a stage of infancy in the association community. Although awareness of social technologies is widespread, only a small minority of associations are actively deploying them. About one-half of associations are actively monitoring or commenting in the blogosphere, while only a quarter author their own blogs. One-third of associations have rolled out social networking initiatives, while just 14% are using a wiki.

Why are associations using social technologies?
Connecting members with one another appears to be the primary motivation for associations using social technologies. Of all the reasons for using social networking and blogs, a desire to increase engagement is chief among them. Associations deploying wikis respond that facilitating collaboration is their most important goal.

Who within the association heads up social technology efforts?
Our analysis reveals that marketing and communications staffs are most likely to be responsible for the deployment of social technologies. An examination of "other" responses, however, reveals that responsibility for social technology initiatives is widely distributed in many associations. We find a surprisingly high level of volunteer involvement in social media efforts, including the statistic that members are the most likely to contribute to association blogs, ahead of communications staff and the chief staff executive.

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Lindy Dreyer said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for helping us spread the word. We're all going to learn a lot from both the executive summary and the final report.


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