Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark as a Political Tool?

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics » Has Facebook Jumped the Shark as a Political Tool?

Elements of a Successful Political Facebook Strategy

Okay, if Facebook isn’t really a mass communications tool, how CAN advocacy groups and political campaigns use the site and others like it to help spread their messages and build support? First off, they need to work with rather than against a site’s basic structure, and in Facebook’s case, that means getting down to the one-on-one: give the supporters the tools, and if they’re motivated enough, they’ll do the job for you.

  • A basic social networking presence sure can’t hurt.
  • Build a cadre of supporters quickly.
  • Rely on your supporters, and make sure they have the tools to spread the word.
  • Get them on your list.
  • Integrate your communications

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