Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enjoy "Tweet" Success with Micromedia

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The applications are limitless! Here are just three:

  • The American Public Health Association uses Twitter to send health information, like this recent tweet: It's the first day of fall! Time for cooler weather, the Great Pumpkin and your flu shot!
  • On September 15th the Maryland Association of CPAs leveraged Twitter's immediate visibility to engage an audience rocked by financial turmoil with an irresistible tweet that linked back to its blog: New on CPA Success: Not everyone's a loser when Wall Street slides.
  • The Obama campaign uses Twitter effectively to keep in touch and rally support. Just three minutes after this recent tweet went out, supporters were already gathering and 're-tweeting' — forwarding the tweet to others: Obama Supporters NEEDED. 2:30 pm protest at Federal Reserve. Address - 59 Maiden Lane, Wall Street area. Please re-tweet.

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