Monday, November 3, 2008

STM Social Media Survey

[Extracted from the September/October ScienceDirect Connect Newsletter from Elsevier]

STM Social Media Survey
Earlier this year 2collab conducted a survey of over 1,800 government and academic researchers to gauge social media's current and future impact on scientific research. Some of the key conclusions were:

. In five years, over 50% of respondents see social applications
playing a key role in shaping nearly all aspects of research workflow;

. over 25% currently use social applications (and see them as a major
influence in the future) for finding jobs;

. 23% believe social applications will have a 'major influence' on
grant application and funding within the next 5 years;

. the faculty of tomorrow (based on people aged 25-44, already
published 1-10 articles, in academic research positions) are already using social applications heavily and will continue to use them for professional networking, research collaboration and career development.

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