Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How The National Wildlife Federation Uses Social Media

How The National Wildlife Federation Uses Social Media

Interview with NWF's Danielle Brigida

“When I initially started signing NWF up for social media sites, I was looking to increase our activist numbers and rally people to speak up for wildlife. I was looking for hard numbers on converting people and engaging them to be high-end activists.

"I soon learned that NWF needed a presence that was about much more than pushing people to fill out action alerts, so I switched my goals to be more about engagement, leaving traditional ROI behind. Currently, our business reasons for using social media are (1) to establish our brand, (2) to build relationships and (3) to listen to people more effectively. We’ve definitely had to take into account that the benefits that come from being active on social media sites are often measured differently than other business goals of the organization.”


"If you start to view social media as an orchestra you can see how they all work together."

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