Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Social Media News Releases

After an interesting (non-sales) Webinar from the folks at Vocus today, I've collected some of the links they discussed to put together this package on social media-enhanced news releases.

Great "how to" guide on writing a press release for bloggers and other social media publishers / hubs. By Brian Solis of Future Works.

How to Write Social Media Press Releases - By Brian Solis

This goes hand in hand with the classic Social Media News Release Template 1.0 from Shift Communications: The social media press release is an evolved form of press release which focuses on distributing valuable information, sources and references about a story in a format more in tune with the needs of web-based reporters and bloggers.


Finally, here's a link to Shift's Social Media Newsroom Template and their immensely complex and very slow to load Social Media News Release Template 3.0

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