Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where's the Scott Monty of Healthcare?

Parenting Solved: Where's the Scott Monty of Healthcare?

We hear a lot about the pioneering efforts of social media maven Scott Monty at Ford Motor Company. He’s where the influencers are (even outside the Hilton at SXSW offering free rides). Forget what he’s doing for the Ford brand, his story alone makes business news. I'm a physician and I follow him.

So where’s the Scott Monty of health care? I’m still looking. It’s puzzling that more companies haven’t followed from the Ford example.

Editor's note: Dr. Vartabedian and I will co-present at TexMed 2009 next month in Austin. Physicians & Social Media: Blogs, Tweets, Bogs, & More. Two shows on Friday, May 1.

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