Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Round Up of Great Twitter Resources for Nonprofits

A Round Up of Great Twitter Resources for Nonprofits Web Ad.vantage

Twitter has become a great tool for businesses. More and more we hear of companies hiring Social Media Managers to implement and control their social media efforts, especially Twitter efforts. But what about Nonprofits? Nonprofits are typically not in a position to create new jobs for online efforts. How can a nonprofit utilize Twitter efficiently?

Instead of drafting yet another blog post giving our thoughts on Twitter for nonprofits, we thought it’d be great to weed through the articles that already exist and highlight those we think are most useful. Below you will find the links to the sites and a summary of the information they offer. Some are older and some are new, but all contain great information. And of course, we’ll still include some tips of our own!

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