Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Social Network Usage Among Physicians is Soaring

Social Network Usage Among Physicians is Soaring « Guilt by Association Blog

From my friend Frank Fortin at Massachusetts Medical Society

A year ago, the case for focusing on social networks rested mostly on our younger members. This year, there’s a critical mass for online networks among every age group, even those over 55. Given Facebook’s growth since last summer, this may not be surprising. But until we did this survey, it wasn’t clear that this applied to our members. Now, we know that it does.

There is still a strong case for developing RSS feeds, tagging, ratings, reviews, blogs, widgets for portals (iGoogle), video and podcasts. It’s no longer a question there are fish in those ponds – we know they are. Now it’s a question of business and marketing strategy – not if we fish there, but when.

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