Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Influence

10 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Influence « Knowledge Enthusiast:

How do you grow your influence and measure it on Twitter?

That is the question that many companies, organizations and individuals are trying to answer, now more than ever.

Edelman create a popular tool that measures an individual’s importance on Twitter called TweetLevel. This tool can help you understand and quantify the importance levels of Tweeters and their usage of Twitter. However, judging a person’s true level of ‘influence’ is tough to define, even though many people have provided a great start.

While doing research for this blog post, I came across several great articles, blog posts and resources to share. Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, wrote a great piece
about 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers. Social media expert Brian Solis has a post about Make Tweet Love – Top Tips for Building Twitter Relationships and prevential.com has an excellent resource titles How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter.

With all this information on this topic, I brainstormed my own list of tips for my readers to share ways to boost your ranking on this social media platform. Below you’ll find my top 10 ways to grow your Twitter influence.

Note: All the links to these articles are on the Knowledge Enthusiast site linked at the top.
Note 2: I tried several times to use Edelman's TweetLevel measuring tool and it never did work.

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