Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Associations Need Web 2.0

Great benchmarking white paper from Reingold:

Most associations serve as one of the most valuable voices for their profession or cause, educating, advocating, and working to get their message on the national stage. But it’s not enough to simply put the message out. Associations compete with a growing universe of online information sources—some with carefully masked agendas—that engage audiences in a responsive two-way dialogue. No one can “control” this continuous conversation, but savvy organizations use Web 2.0 to help shape it and connect with the people they need to engage.

In August and September 2009, Reingold conducted a Digital Communications Benchmark Survey to find out whether and how associations are leveraging their websites and adopting Web 2.0 strategies to better meet their communications goals. We emailed the survey to a group of nationally recognized associations that serve a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and environmental services. We received responses from 42 associations of every size.

Here's the finding I found most insightful: "Associations squander a formidable asset—their membership—if they don’t arm these potential champions with information and messages and give them access to social networks that have the power to expand exponentially."

Reingold Web 2 0 Benchmark Survey Report

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