Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks

Very interesting report from M+R Strategic Services and MobileActive:

In its current form, text messaging is most effective as part of a multi-channel communications strategy. For the foreseeable future, email, web and direct mail are likely to continue to be the primary means by which organizations communicate with supporters, raise money and generate action. However, text messaging can reinforce messages from other channels, provide an immediate engagement opportunity in urgent situations, and serve as a key part of a broader communications strategy.
And this:
The response rate for call-in advocacy text messages (text messages urging a supporter to make a call to a decision-maker on behalf of the organization) was 4.7 percent – is nearly six times the 2009 benchmark response rate of 0.82 for call-in advocacy emails. This rate is impressive, and indicative of the power of text messaging to generate an immediate response.
And, another excellent report from M+R on non-profit organizations' 2009 use of e-mail and other online activities for advocacy and fundraising.

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