Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Number One Reason Your Nonprofit Should Check Out Google Buzz

From Social media and inbound marketing for non-profits:

So Why Should My Nonprofit Buzz?

At this point, the opportunity for non-profits is not totally clear. Yes, there is a huge potential for increased exposure with Buzz, but only time will tell us how Gmail folks will actually use Buzz – and how that impacts your nonprofit. And yes, there is a potentially massive user base. But how many of those folks will continue to be active users?

However, one thing is clear: Buzz is an opportunity for you to flex your “early adopter muscles.”

The world of social media is changing all around us with increasing speed. In order to vet opportunities quickly, your nonprofit needs to be able to quickly understand the functionality of new technology and quickly assess it’s business applications. Buzz gives you an opportunity to flex this muscle.

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