Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Prime for B2Bs—And Five Key Questions B2B Marketers Should Be Asking

From MarketingProfs

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In the B2C space there's a lot of buzz around mobile marketing, but in the B2B sector it's more likened to a whisper. Yet amid the low level of mobile chatter, B2Bs are missing out on super-sized opportunities for integrating a valuable new brand touch point for their customers and establishing a dynamic new communications channel with professional audiences.

Make no mistake about it, mobile has arrived—and it's changing how (and where) business professionals communicate with one another and how (and why) they interact with B2B brands.

And for B2Bs, mobile's arrival means their marketing must also change if they want to maintain a presence in the media where their audiences have already migrated.

On that imperative, here are five reasons why mobile marketing is prime for B2Bs, along with five key questions that B2B marketers should be asking themselves:

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