Monday, May 10, 2010

The Psychology of Social Media

From SocialSteve's Blog

Now I am not a psychologist, but I play one on TV … but seriously, I have always been interested and curious with the phenomenon of human behavior and what motivates individuals to do certain things. For me, the most fascinating platform to examine the driving force behind human action is social media as this is where I vest much of my personal and professional time.

So this week I have given the question, “Why do people engage in social media channels and what motivates them to reveal or filter their thoughts” much conscious (and subconscious) thought. I realize that the answer to this question is not applicable straight across the board. The response can vary across age groups, gender, geography, income-level, period of one’s life and any other demographics you can think of. But as a marketing professional, it is our duty to understand the audience we serve.

So here are some thoughts, so far from an exhaustive list, but hey, let’s get this conversation started.

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