Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Social Pulpit: Barack Obama's Social Media Toolkit

From the good folks at Edelmen PR - 2009

I've had a paper copy of this sitting around on my desk for a while. As I looked at what was missing from this blog, I realized I never linked to this tidy 13-page document.

An excerpt:

Obama has already succeeded in changing the way strategists think about engineering electoral victory. But, the lessons learned from his campaign won’t just be applied to future elections. Nor will they be limited to governing how the president relates to the American people. By combining social media and micro-targeting in the manner that it did, the campaign revealed force multipliers that are already being adopted by advocacy groups pushing their own issue agendas.

Smart businesses will embrace this public engagement model as well, particularly in how they ladder engagement among natural allies such as customers, employees, retirees and suppliers. Otherwise, businesses will be at a significant tactical and strategic disadvantage when their critics and competitors create a groundswell of their own.

By examining the social media success of Obama’s campaign and understanding the ways that advocacy groups are incorporating these lessons into their own engagement programs, businesses can learn what is required to remain relevant in this new environment by retooling their communications efforts to successfully leverage social media.

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