Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eight Tips for Optimizing YourYouTube Videos

From Marketing Profs

Creating a YouTube video that's relevant to your business is an excellent way to boost your company's exposure.

According to Nielsen NetView, YouTube had more than 112 million unique visitors who streamed video more than 6.6 billion times in January, making YouTube the top online video brand and the fifth most-visited US website overall.

And according to Forrester Research, "any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index."

Those facts make a compelling case for investing a little time and energy in video—specifically, YouTube search engine optimization (SEO)—to make sure people find your video (and your business)

It doesn't matter how great your video is; if people don't know it exists, it doesn't have much business value. If your intended audience is to find your video, you need to optimize it for maximum visibility in Google and other search engines.

Here are eight tips for optimizing YouTube videos.

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