Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Be a "DJ" Content Curator on Twitter

From Angela Dunn at blogbrevity:

A Content Curator is a DJ. On Twitter, you are mixing content, content that the audience you hope to engage will find--not only interesting--but, irresistible, irresistible enough to comment on, @reply, retweet, share, like, etc. Ultimately, you hope your followers will enlist their followers to follow you because of your great content. Some call it a tribe, but think of it as your own club, a club where you are the DJ and people come to have a good time. As a Content Curator, you should be entertaining. Those who follow you should have access to the best content already disseminated for them. You get to exchange ideas about this great content, learn something new, maybe even change your opinion. Ultimately, when your friends or followers share your curated content with their friends, THEY look smart and cool.

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