Monday, November 29, 2010

How Medical Societies Can Stay Relevant

From Dr. Bryan Vartabedian at

How relevant are professional physician organizations in 2010? Why should a doctor join the American Medical Association or any other local physician organization? As the freestanding medical practice in the United States becomes part of 20th century history, the question is almost profound. 
I believe as the role of the physician changes over the coming generation, cohesiveness and representation may once again evolve to be critical. I’m quite certain that physicians will come to be organized in ways and for reasons that we can’t predict.
Here are a few things that medical societies can do during this transformation:
  1. Plan for the 21st century doctor.
  2. Figure out what brings value to this next generation of physicians.
  3. Identify real leaders.
  4. Facilitate physician dialog.
  5. Recognize that doctors are increasingly employees.
  6. Plan for the coming of the digital natives.

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