Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven Steps for Live-Tweeting Success

From NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network:

I like to live tweet real news events, not just conferences, so I found these seven tips a good checklist to work from.

Live-tweeting -- the kind of tweeting where you replay to your Twitter followers what people are saying at an event in real time -- is something that seems to be gaining popularity at conferences around the nonprofit circuit. It can be fun to do on your own (like at NTC 2011), but it can have real benefits for your organization too.
Small or large scale, live-tweeting is a great way for your organization to create buzz, join conversations, draw attention to your causes, and gain credibility (and followers!) -- all at a relatively low cost (your time). And although there's no "right way" to live-tweet, not everyone is great at it either and it can sometimes come off haphazardly. If you're looking to try live-tweeting for your own organization, follow these guidelines for success:

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