Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How associations can use social media to build influence and increase their reach

This Q-and-A is with Maddie Grant, chief social media strategist at Social Fish and co-author of “Open Community.”

What are the biggest challenges that associations face when they decide to embrace social media?

Who is the primary audience for an association’s social media efforts? Is it more important to engage association members or the general public?

How can associations use social tools to increase their membership? What platforms work best for member drives?

Many associations have very precise focus areas. How can they go about creating compelling content that broadens their reach while still remaining true to their core mission?

What’s the role of day-to-day staff in an association’s social media presence? Should organizations be hiring new people to handle their social presence or retraining existing staff?

What can large associations learn from small associations about social media? What can small associations learn from large associations?

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