Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 7 Acts of Content Curation

From Steve Rosenbaum (@magnify)
Author of "Curation Nation" --

Digital Now 12 - April 28, 2012

1. Content curators bundle - facts, tweets, links, images, ideas (We read everything so you don't have to.) Turn your members into listeners for you.

2. Content curators arrange and re-order (Deciding what's important in your area is the thing that Google can't do)

3. Content curators distribute their curated collections - people want their information where they want it, when they want it. You can't just put it on your website

4. Content curators have a voice - show that all the things you gather and share are part of a greater whole, that it comes from you

5. Content curators separate signal from noise

6. Content curators invite and welcome participation (members are our critical natural resource - a bunch of smart people)

7. Content curators are all about the mix - Explain why you're delivering what you're delivering; Retweets aren't endorsements; they're pointers

What you need to curate for your members:
- Public: Industry information, news and events, real-time tracking of social media
- Private: Member knowledge, category expertise, early warning indicators

Best Curation Practices
- Define quality for your members
- Context is key
- Well-curated sites tell an ongoing story
- Have a theme, and embrace it (People come to you for your point of view)

Choose your "digital clothing" carefully - your endorsements, likes, RS, and posts matter
Listening is more powerful than speaking - gather, organize, and filter good stuff
In a noisy world, readers hunger for and embrace sclarity
Curation tools: pearltrees,, storify,,,, curata

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