Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learn the Five Forbidden Secrets of Digital Health Masters

Five solid tips from Fard Johnmar at Walking the Path:

In our fast-paced, confusing digital and social world, wouldn’t be nice to have a series of tools and techniques that will help you not only keep up, but stay ahead of the curve? I’ve traveled the virtual world quite a bit over the years and have gathered five forbidden secrets I’ve learned you can use to drive your digital health success.

His "Five Forbidden Secrets":

  • Read the Right Books
  • Let Machines Do the Work for You
  • Embrace Your Role as a Digital Health Storyteller
  • Know the Fundamentals of How and Why People Consume Digital and Social Media Content (Steve's note: There's a whole lot more to this than can be shared ina blog post ... or a book. But it's still good advice.)
  • Understand How and Why Online Health Content Inspires Action (i.e., Changes Behavior)

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Fard Johnmar said...


Really appreciate the kind words about the post and the write-up. I'm glad you found the tips helpful.




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