Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Live-tweet from an Event

Since so many association conferences make for great opportunities to spread the word via the Twittersphere, here are 21 great before/during/after suggestions from the good folks at Mashable:

... live-tweeting is a skill - how to add to the experience for those within the event; inform non-attendees monitoring the event hastag; twapplaud good speakers; avoid typos - and (very importantly) not annoy your followers by flooding their stream with tweets which don't interest them or don't make sense. Intelligent live tweeting helps you make a positive impression up there on the big conference screen and may well make you make contacts and friendships. Accidentally using the event hastag when asking your partner to order a curry tonight won't.

Here's the advice we give to those out to represent eModeration at an event. Hope you find it useful too.

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