Friday, September 14, 2012

Tweet it Again, Sam -- And Again?

How Many Times Can You Tweet the Same Tweet?, from the New York Times' Melinda Emerson, is an excellent guide to making sure your post is in the stream whenever your readers put their Twitter oar in the water.

With additional advice from Alltop's Guy Kawasaki and Stephanie Chandler of Authority Publishing, Emerson answers this key Twitter question: "How many times can you share the same piece of content? How do you strike a balance between making sure you reach all of your followers and making sure you don’t annoy all of your followers?"

As Kawasaki explains, "People in different time zones and people in the same time zone visit Twitter at different times, so you need to keep posting your content to accommodate all these people."

Emerson's strategy includes this:

When I publish a fresh piece of content, I always share it four times — every three hours the first day it is released. As the week goes on, I reduce the number of times it’s tweeted. I use analytics to help me decide what content to keep sharing past the first week.

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